12 Volt Battery Monitor by IC LM3914

This circuit makes it posible to monitor the charging process to a higher level. Final adjustsments are simple and the only thing needed is a digital voltmeter for the necessary accuracy. Connect an input voltage of 12.65 volt between the positive and negative poles and adjust the 10K trimmer potentiometer until Led 10 lights up. Lower the voltage and in sequence all other Led’s will light up. Check that Led 1 lights up at approximately 11.89 volts.
Skema Rangkaian 12 Volt Battery Monitor lm3914
At 12.65 volt and higher the battery is fully charged, and at 11.89 is considered ’empty’. This circuit, with the components shown, uses less than 10mA. Ofcourse you can adapt this circuit to your own needs by making small modifications. The circuits above is set for ‘DOT’ mode, meaning only one Led at a time will be lit. If you wish to use the ‘BAR’ mode, then connect pin 9 to the positive supply rail, but obviously with increased current consumption. The LED brightness can be adjusted up- or down by choosing a different value for the 4K7 resistor connected at pin 6/7.

10 volt Regulator menggunakan IC LM723

This is a circuit of an IC LM723 voltage regulator. This IC has a voltage reference source, an error amplifier, a series pass transistor, and a current limiting tran sistor all contained in one small package. The device can be connected to operate as a positive or negative voltage regulator with an output voltage ranging from 2 V to 37 V, and output current levels upto 150 m A. The maximum supply voltage is 40 V, and the line and load regulations are each specified as 0.01%.
regulator IC LM723
IC regulator LM 723 connected to operate as a positive voltage regulator. The output voltage can be set to any value between approximately 7 V (reference voltage) and 37 V by appropriate selection of resistors R1 and R2. A potentiometer may be included between R1 and R2, of course, to make the voltage adjustable. An external transistor may be Darlington connected to Q1 (as shown in earlier post) to handle large load current. The broken lines in the figure shows connections for simple (non-foldback) current limiting. (Foldback current limiting can also be used with IC LM723). A regulator output voltage less than the 7 V reference level can be obtained by using a voltage divider across the reference source [terminals 6 and 7 in earlier figure]. The potentially divided reference voltage is then connected to terminal 5.
It is important to note that the supply voltage, at the lowest point on the ripple waveform, should be at least 3 V greater than the output of the regulator and greater than VREF; otherwise a high-amplitude output ripple may occur.
IC regulator lm723
Paramaters IC Regulator lm723

  • Output Current 150 mA
  • Output Voltage Undefined Volt
  • Input Min Voltage 9.5 Volt
  • Input Max Voltage 40 Volt
  • Adjustable Output Yes
  • On/Off Pin No
  • Error Flag No
  • Temperature Min -55 deg C
  • Temperature Max 150 deg C.

9 Volt Regulator Menggunakan TIP31

This is a DC Power Supply 9 Volt Regulator using transistors TIP31, which can provide a flow of about 1 Amp arrived in 2Amp. transistors of this type is very easy to find in stores electronic component sales very cheaply, about RP 1500. VR1 can be decorated with both for a 9V DC voltage transistor can be improved according to TIP31, a friend can use another number right as TIP41, MJE3055, 2SC1061, etc. But the heat sink should be kept in accordance with. The other details, see the circuit yes.

Skema rangkaian 9 volt regulator menggunakan TIP31

  • use tranformator 12Vot 2 ampare
  • TIP31 must Transitor give good cooling
  • Use the capacitor (elco) with voltage 16volt

Absolute Maximum Ratings Transistor TIP31

VCBO Collector-Base Voltage :
TIP31 40V
TIP31A 60V
TIP31B 80V
TIP31C 100V

Collector-Emitter Voltage :
TIP31 40V
TIP31A 60V
TIP31B 80V
TIP31C 100V

Emitter-Base Voltage 5 V
Collector Current (DC) 3 A
Collector Current (Pulse) 5 A
Base Current 1 A
Collector Dissipation (TC=25 C) 40 W
Collector Dissipation (Ta=25 C) 2 W
Junction Temperature 150 C
Storage Temperature – 65 ~ 150 C

Rangkaian Regulator 3 volt menggunakan IC LM317

This is based circuit of the LM317 adjustable voltage regulator with a maximum output of 3V/1.5A. The output voltage depends on the Pin 1 (pin ADJ) of IC LM317 or R1 and R2 values, so the circuit Can be modified to use with a maximum output of greater than 3V. while for the maximum output current is related to the package options.In this circuit, LM317T, Which is capable of transferring up to 1.5A, is used.
rangkaian regulator 3 voltSkema rangkaian regulator 3 volt
When we adjust the R2 to 1.2K then the output becomes nearly 1.56V which is a typical battery voltage level that can be used in development projects.

R6 sets the current of the current source so it operates as a zero adjustmend resistor. When the resistor R2 is set to zero, adjust R6 to see zero voltage at the output. R5 protects the transistor BCW33. Red LED is used as a light indicator.

IC LM117 pinning

The LM117 is a series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulators is capable of supplying in excess of 1.5A over a 1.2V to 37V output range. They are exceptionally easy to use and require only two external resistors to set the output voltage. Further, both line and load regulation are better than standard fixed regulators.